Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote in savesnowssanity,
Cleolinda Jones

A Year of Postcards (Galadriel)

Since people were interested in the idea of correspondence from... uh... my dolls, this is a year (starting January 2011) of something each month from Galadriel. Theoretically, a postcard, but depending on what we decide to send, it may come in an envelope. She's not as craftsy as The Littlest Edward, but she may have interesting predictions about future storyline developments in The Secret Life of Dolls--runes, alethiometer readings, tarot card consultations. And, unless you choose to share her correspondence, only you will have these clues. (If I end up having to take another hiatus from posting the story, for whatever reason, you will continue to receive the postcards; I have months and months of notes.)

Starting bid: $10

End date: Sunday, November 7
Tags: end date: nov 7, mail
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